Best holiday destinations

Dominican Republic

Essential travel info for Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the best places to visit on earth. You can go with your family to spend that holiday or celebrate your anniversary on one of the amazing beaches. However, you should first know what you…

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Holiday in London rent a car

Holiday in London: how to easily rent a car ?

London car hire allows you to move through London with ease. This is especially beneficial when you are on a holiday since you get to explore the metropolitan city as well as visit the attraction site on  your to-do list at…

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Essential Things to do in The Lower Nile Valley, Egypt

The Nile is considered as the longest river in the world that is approximately 4,000 miles, stretching north from East Africa to the Mediterranean. It brought the nation of Egypt into being as well as its banks are filled with…

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Essential Things to Do in Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa is an island wherein you’ll enjoy every moment you are in there especially the things you can do while you are there. Sentosa offers a wide variety of things to do together with the attractions that surely won’t disappoint…

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Holiday in France : four of the most beautiful beaches

Summer finally rears its nose and it is time to imagine yourself splashing in the turquoise waters under a blazing sun. Fortunately, the French coasts have many sumptuous sandbanks as well as a wild and exotic natural beauty.

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Visit Milan for the week-end

As it seems the economic capital of Italy is not part of famous leisure destinations, and what a mistake this is! Museums, restaurants, shopping centers, cultural life and much much more: the Lombard town has much to offer, especially to…

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Four great destinations for a week-end in nature 

To take to the fields, watch the wildlife or take a walk in the hiking trails, no need to go that far. Swiss Normandy, Somme, Marais Poitevin, and Chartreuse Mountains: Here are 4 weekend ideas in nature to experiment immediately.

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Four of the most wonderful French islands

France, with the Mediterranean on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on the other and the English Channel, offers beautiful islands for your holiday. Nature, culture and sea meet each other’s specificities and offer you the prospect of having a very…

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France’s best destinations

While most travelers are being decided for the next holiday, the site reveals their favorite places.

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Île de Ré : where is it situated and how to get there ?

Imagine an Island with undeveloped sloping beaches, secluded photogenic villages with houses steeped in history crammed in thin alleys filled with their trademarks hollyhocks, smiling faces everywhere you go, mouth-watering fresh oysters and more…You can spend some time in this…

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