Holiday in France : four of the most beautiful beaches

Summer finally rears its nose and it is time to imagine yourself splashing in the turquoise waters under a blazing sun. Fortunately, the French coasts have many sumptuous sandbanks as well as a wild and exotic natural beauty.We’ve selected four of the most enchanting beaches all around metropolitan France. Famous or isolated, Mediterranean or Atlantic, there is something for everyone. Get in your swimsuits now, summer is finally here!

Calanque d'En Vau in Marseille

It’s no less than a Mediterranean fjord landscape with a breathtaking beauty. Although it’s worth the visit, only the most adventurous trippers can access it. The trail seems easy at first but turns out to be relatively sporty on the peaks (it’s a two hour walk).  Check and enjoy the mediterranean beauty in the south of France.

The Pilat beach, Arcachon

It is needless to introduce the famous dune of Pilat, which is the highest in Europe! Each year, the place is transformed. The sandy mound annually moves by a considerable distance which varies between 1 and 5 meters. As for colors, from blinding white or golden, it depends on the sun.

The Beauduc beach, Camargue, Bouches-du-Rhône

Timeless, away from everything and a bit of perfume at the end of the world, this stunning beach is all you need for a pleasant holiday stay. The road to it all but reinforces this impression. At the southern tip of the Camargue, you have the opportunity to enjoy a ten-kilometer path lost in the salt marshes that rightly so, might discourage many tourists.

The beach of Palombaggia, southern Corse

A jewel of île-de-Beauté, Palombaggia beach fascinates its visitors with its contrasts of colors. Red porphyry makes the pristine sand even more dazzling, while the crystal blue sea gently caresses the feet of lucky bathers.

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