Four great destinations for a week-end in nature 

Published on : 28 January 20193 min reading time

To take to the fields, watch the wildlife or take a walk in the hiking trails, no need to go that far. Swiss Normandy, Somme, Marais Poitevin, and Chartreuse Mountains: Here are 4 weekend ideas in nature to experiment immediately.

Swiss Normandy: Oëtre Roche and the canyons of the Reopens

A geological treasure in the heart of Swiss Normandy, more precisely in the Orne, Oëtre Roche is a steep mountain in the middle of the woods. It offers a lovely gazebo on Armorican trays and the Rouve that winds between the granite blocks. To better observe the rocky spur, get down on the lower terrace: the main rock evokes a face in profile.

This real natural setting, classified as a sensitive natural area, offers ideal protection for fauna and flora. The hot, dry ledges appeal to green lizards and spring Spergula. Polecats and otters enjoy the edges of Rouvre while the river is home to the rare pearl mussel (99% of extinction in 100 years).

Holiday in the bird park Marquenterre, Somme

To observe the birds in France and benefit from a country walk in the heart of a bird sanctuary of at least 200 ha, visit the Marquenterre region, Somme. Since 1968, it’s contained one of the largest reserves of migratory birds in Europe.

The Marais Poitevin in Poitou-Charentes

Unique in France, the Marais Poitevin, the Green Venice, is an inevitable stop for anyone who visits this region on horseback on the Deux-Sèvres, Charente-Maritime and Vendée. You can still get lost in a jungle of 100 000 hectares, which declines its shades of green, through narrow tunnels lost in the trees’ hair shafts. You can row for hours in the meander of Marais Poitevin as well.

How about Chartreuse in the Alps for a little holiday stay

Between Grenoble and Chambery, extends the Chartreuse mountains, the smallest of the pre-Alpine ones. Ranked as a regional park since 1995, the Chartreuse Mountain is full of beautiful views such as that of the Fort St. Eynard.

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