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Future Trends in Real Estate Search: What to Expect in the Digital Age

The realm of real estate has always been a dynamic one, evolving in tandem with changes in technology, societal norms, and global economic shifts. The digital age has accelerated these changes, ushering in a slew of transformative innovations. The advent…

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luxury villa

How to find one of the luxury villas in Saint Tropez easily?

If you want to find one of the luxury villas in Saint Tropez easily, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you need to do is to decide what kind…

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French Riviera

Enjoy a tailor-made stay on the French Riviera

If you’re looking for a vacation that’s perfect for your needs, we’ve got just the thing. The French Riviera experience is tailor-made for people who want to savor the best of the French lifestyle while being close to the action…

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find a home to rent in Inverness

How to easily find a home to rent in Inverness?

Seated on the northern part of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness paints the picture of a perfectly beatufil country. The surrounding countryside is filled with idyllic sceneries, from the graceful River Ness to the majestic Inverness Castle. When planning a trip,…

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Why rent out your second home

Several reasons may force you to rent the apartment or house that you no longer use or use very little. On one hand you don’t want to sell, this is a family home you’d rather stick to, and maybe where…

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Holiday in France : four of the most beautiful beaches

Summer finally rears its nose and it is time to imagine yourself splashing in the turquoise waters under a blazing sun. Fortunately, the French coasts have many sumptuous sandbanks as well as a wild and exotic natural beauty.

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Summer holidays: the French travel more but spend less

According to an Ipsos-Europ Assitance survey revealed by France Info, 63% of the French have planned a vacation this summer. That’s five points higher than last year. However, they leave with a reduced budget.

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Holidays: France’s current situation

The number of French families going on vacation this summer is much higher than in 2014. They now have a growing preference for renting between individuals. In short, after three years of decline, the number of French people who are…

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