Holiday in France

février 8, 2019
Best time to visit France and attend american music concerts

Best time to visit France and attend american music concerts

If you want to visit France and spend your holidays there, you have to choose the right period and the right season in order to attend […]
février 17, 2016

French Alps holidays: Why stay in a chalet rather than in a hotel room?

Do you plan to come in French Alps for your holidays? Great! French Alps are a wonderful place and offer a lot of activities. Whenever you […]
juillet 14, 2015

Holiday in France : four of the most beautiful beaches

Summer finally rears its nose and it is time to imagine yourself splashing in the turquoise waters under a blazing sun. Fortunately, the French coasts have […]
juillet 14, 2015

Four great destinations for a week-end in nature 

To take to the fields, watch the wildlife or take a walk in the hiking trails, no need to go that far. Swiss Normandy, Somme, Marais […]
juillet 13, 2015

Summer vacation, what French citizens prefer

Approximately six out of ten French people plan to go on holiday each summer, especially along the beaches of the Hexagon. Some statistics we offer here […]
juillet 7, 2015

Île de Ré : where is it situated and how to get there ?

Imagine an Island with undeveloped sloping beaches, secluded photogenic villages with houses steeped in history crammed in thin alleys filled with their trademarks hollyhocks, smiling faces […]