Essential travel info for Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the best places to visit on earth. You can go with your family to spend that holiday or celebrate your anniversary on one of the amazing beaches. However, you should first know what you are walking yourself into have the best time of your life.

The development of tourist police service, the introduction of 911 systems, and the concentration of resources in essential tourist areas like restaurants and beaches tend to improve security and safety. However, violent crime, including homicide, sexual assault, and armed robbery, is something you should be concerned with while visiting Dominican Republic. If you choose to travel to Santo Domingo, you should get more information about the area by following this link.

Advice when you travel to Dominical Republic

While in the country, you should have the following travel tips at the back of your head.

  • Do not involve or physically resist robbery attempts
  • Read and understand medical requirements before planning any international travel in Dominican Republic
  • Learn your surrounding
  • Follow any available advice from the tour guide and resort regarding your security and safety
  • Avoid displaying any signs of wealth, especially in Dominican Republic tourism attraction areas
  • Review the security report of the country
  • Join the STEP (Smart Traveller Enrolment Program) to locate emergency and get security alerts

Understand women‘s safety

When a woman travel to Dominical Republic alone, she can be subjected to some form of verbal abuse or harassment. There have been some cases of rape, sexual aggression, and assault against tourists in specific areas like beach resorts.

Therefore, women travelling alone need to:

  • Be wary of some invitations or rides
  • Avoid walking alone at night or taking public transport
  • Be cautious of recent acquaintances or when dealing with strangers

If you are involved in a crime or sexual assault, you should report it immediately to your embassy. Also, it is essential to file a report with the country‘s authority. You can’t benefit from a criminal investigation if you have no formal complaint before leaving the country.

What to do when involved in recreation activities

Aquatic and sporting equipments and tools might not meet the international safety standards. Therefore, when you travel to Dominical Republic you should do the following things:

  • Ensure you have a life jacket and helmet if you are in a high traffic activity
  • Ensure all equipment are in good condition and safe
  • Ensure the excursion company follow the right safety measures before taking part in any eco-tourism activities
  • Check your insurance cover for accident coverage during recreational activities
  • Avoid excursion not offered by tour operators
  • Avoid water activities when you are under alcohol influence or other substance
  • Follow warnings and instructions of local authorities
  • Coastal waters can be unsafe

Road safety advice when you travel to Dominican Republic

This country is among the places with the highest road accidents worldwide. Road safety and conditions vary from one place to another in the country. Major highways connecting tourist areas and cities are in good condition, but most secondary roads are poorly lit and maintained.

Vehicles travel in the wrong lane due to the lack of lane markings on some roads. Congested traffic is due to a significant number of motorcycles and trucks. Also, pedestrians have no right of way, even in areas with traffic lights. Therefore, you need to be vigilant by:

  • Taking extra care when walking on the roadside
  • Being cautious when driving during holiday periods like Easter
  • Avoiding to drive after dark

Avoid microbuses and public buses: some have no doors. Taxi is another form of transportation you can use but only the ones authorised by the airport: other taxis are not metered. Therefore, when you travel in Dominican Republic stay safe by:

  • Avoiding Unmarked taxis
  • Avoiding route taxis
  • Use ride-hailing apps or hotel taxis which are safe
  • Negotiating the fare first
  • Avoid renting or using motorcycle

In a nutshell

You will have the best experience when you travel to Dominican Republic and follow all the Dominican Republic travel advice from the authority. Never leave your drink or food in the care of strangers or unattended. Any free snacks, beverages, cigarettes, or gum should be avoided, especially from new acquaintances.

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