French Alps holidays: Why stay in a chalet rather than in a hotel room?

Do you plan to come in French Alps for your holidays? Great! French Alps are a wonderful place and offer a lot of activities. Whenever you go there, in the summer or in the winter, you’ll have a great time. However if you want to fully enjoy your journeys, you have to choose the right place to stay.

From our point of view, a Chalet is the best place to live during your holidays in the French Alps. That is even more true if you come with your family or friends. You’ll get more spacious, more functional; you’ll be able to do whatever you want inside and feel like you were at your second home.

A Chalet offers more space and conviviality than an hotel room

During your week in the Alps you’ll probably bring with you a lot of stuff, even more if you plan to do some sport activities as winter skiing or summer mountain biking, for example. So you’ll need a lot of space to put all your equipment.

If you plan to come with a group, a chalet will offer you the opportunity to stay together and not to be separated in many individual rooms. So, the atmosphere will be more than friendlier and you’ll be able to organize some parties with friends, if you want.

Furthermore if you would like to rest, you’ll appreciate to stay in front of the fireplace in well designed chalet.

Chalet’s features are a real advantage

A chalet offers a lot of really usual functionalities so that you will feel you independent. For example, you’ll be disposed to cook your own food. If you plan to do many sport activities in the mountains, you know that your clothes and equipments are getting to be dirty.

So, whatever the season you plan to come, a Chalet will be really nice place to rest after all your sport activities. You will not think too much about how to tidy up your stuff and you’ll get the possibility to wash everything you need.

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