Holidays: France’s current situation

The number of French families going on vacation this summer is much higher than in 2014. They now have a growing preference for renting between individuals. In short, after three years of decline, the number of French people who are planning to leave this summer has increased by two million.

The 2015 numbers are good. Can we talk of economic recovery?

The starting rates are not only an economic barometer, but also a political one. Tourism is an indicator of consumer confidence and purchasing power of French individuals and families. That said, we must put things into perspective: just 30% of the French have committed to a holiday with accommodation fee this summer.

Who are the French who can buy, rent travel and go on vacation?

The increase of this year involves mostly popular middle-class, suburban or provincial, with children, two salaries for a total income between one and 1.45 times the minimum wage. Actually, it’s they who were the first victims of the crisis.

Did the French regain purchasing power or have they uncovered tricks to go on vacation without spending too much money?

They take advantage of lower consumer and fuel prices. With lower rates, they have renegotiated their mortgage when they were owners. This purchasing power allows them to travel again. That said, they often and mainly stay in their parents’, friends’ or opt for accommodation packages with relatively small costs.

What are the top destinations for this year?

Mainly France recently, mostly because of a rejection of unsafe destinations. This therefor benefits the French destinations and tourism, but also the rest of Europe, such as Spain, Italy, Greece or Portugal. Corsica, Sardinia, Canaries, Balearics, Majorca, Ibiza, islands are also very hot destinations for the French.

What about mountains?

We can see a clear return to the countryside and the near destinations. Overall it is the cheapest destinations with strong content that dominate market share.

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