Visit France and enjoy no less than dazzling nature, art and history

Follow our tour guide and enjoy an invigorating stay in France!

France, the country of lights and romance, attracts over 80 million tourists from around the world to discover its immense cultural, natural and wild wealth. Visit the one and only Paris and let it fascinate you with the gothic architecture of religious buildings such as Notre Dame de Paris, the huge and unique Eiffel Tower, and the oh so romantic Seine river...To the south you can encounter the beauty of Marseille, a both modern and ancient city and an excellent opportunity to admire the Fort Saint-Jean, a masterpiece that has been built by King René to keep an eye open for the port of the city as well as a beautiful gate to the Mediterranean sea. On the other side, more precisely to the far west of the country, you’ll find the dazzling Brittany (La Bretagne), where you can catch sight of the famous Mont Saint-Michel’s bay, as well as some magnificent walled cities, such as Concarneau, Saint-Malo or Guérande. As for nature lovers, a visit to the rolling hills of Champagne and the Zoo of Beauval, which is home to koalas and orangutans of all wild creatures, is a must-go! More on

What's expected of a stay in France, the unique european destination

Whether it’s for a weekend, a whole holiday or a brief stop, France knows just how to make your stay richer and more pleasant than you could ever have expected.

Paris, a treat for holiday-makers from all around the world.

Are you relishing the chance to go on a trip to France? Then get ready to enjoy the holiday of your life. First things first; Paris, the city of light where tourists can’t get enough of roaming around and unearth its wonderful hotspots and where fashion enthusiasts have the privilege of shopping in huge and impressive boutiques scattered all over the city and of buying trendy clothes and precious jewelry. Enjoy the famous "pain au chocolat" in a lovely café; relax after a day of long walking along the quays of the Seine, marvel at symbolic places like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe... A successful stay combines activities and relaxation, just take time to enjoy a good meal, to visit a famous exhibition in the Louvre, regain strength at Notre Dame and ultimately go hunt for bargains at the flea market of Montreuil or taste the specialties sold at Raspail’s organic market. To end your day in style, you can top it all off by attending a daring show at Moulin Rouge!